Case Study

TKI Reduces Fuel Gas Usage in Claus SRU by 50%

In 2009, one of the Tessenderlo Kerley's Claus sulfur recovery units experienced sulfur deposits in the downstream equipment, increased soot formation and increased corrosion. The company was in need of a wall that could achieve optimal incinerator efficiency of a wide range of operating conditions.

Engineers from both Tessenderlo Kerley and Blasch worked closely together to custom design a VectorWall for the furnace that will address their issues. Post installation, the plant experienced:

  • 50% reduction in fuel gas usage
  • no residual sulfur buildup on downstream equipment
  • elimination of sulfuric acid condensation

Download this case study and learn how Tessenderlo Kerley, Inc. was able to achieve these benefits and more with the Blasch VectorWall mixing checkerwall.

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