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Improving the Flow in Your SMR

BD Energy Systems and Blasch Precision Ceramics co-developed an improved reformer tunnel system to achieve flue gas flow uniformity. This system combines BD Energy Systems steam methane reforming (SMR) experience with Blasch’s customized refractory shapes, resulting in unparalleled flue gas flow control.

Improving the Flow was featured in the April issue of World Fertilizer Magazine. In this article, we discuss two recent installations of 9 tunnels in under two weeks and benefits like:

  • Process Flexibility - scale up by improving corrosion efficiency without rebuilding tunnels
  • Tunnel System Pressure Drop - reduce pressure with greater allowable width and more evenly distributed velocity and mass flow
  • Catalyst Tube Temperature - better temperature control means reduced methane slip and feedstock costs
  • Variable Orifice Openings - Near-uniform flow along length of every tunnel with inserts

Download this article today and learn how your SMR could benefit from faster maintenance, quick turnarounds and lightening speed installations.

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