Blasch Verkapse™ Hydrocyclone Liners

Are your hydrocyclone and cyclone liners cracking, leaving you a feeling of “separation”?

The critical choice to make when switching out hydrocyclone separators and other mineral processing equipment is in the selection of abrasion and wear-resistant materials.

The superior abrasive wear resistance of certain ceramics is well known but tends to fracture upon impact. This type of failure can allow ceramic particles to cascade through downstream process equipment, potentially causing significant damage. Often rubber or urethane is used to hold the ceramic in place to absorb impact and vibration while providing some containment function in the event of a fracture. In the past, this encapsulation step was typically completed by a subcontractor using inserts sourced from a ceramic manufacturer. 

In this presentation, learn how Blasch’s 35+ years of molding experience, advancements in CNC pattern making, and wide selection of silicon carbide addressed the cracking issue and delivered complete encapsulated assemblies in just a few weeks.

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