Using the StaBloxTM Flue Gas Tunnel to extend tube life and decrease fuel usage during this time of uncertainty

In today's economy, companies are faced with ever-growing challenges with metal and gas prices, production curtailments, and operating expenses. 

By utilizing Blasch's patented StaBloxTM Reformer Flue Gas Tunnel System in top-fired reformers in conjunction with BD Energy Systems' Tunnel Optimal Performance (TOP) technology, companies can safely extend catalyst tube life, and reduce natural gas costs. The significant reduction in methane slip can provide significant savings in feedstock costs. Conversely, in situations where the plant is bottlenecked, this reduction can result in a significant increase in plant capacity.

In this presentation, learn about the various StaBloxTM options available that can help you achieve improved uniformity in your tunnel system, allowing for: 

  • More uniform tube temperatures mean less chance of damaging these expensive components
  • It also means greater production efficiency – lower methane slip
  • Greater tunnel reliability means less maintenance required
  • Less need for individual burner adjustment to address high TMTs

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